welcome to my diary!!

first of may, 2024

holy shit virtual diary…. no wayy… i dont know if im gonna update this much but who knows!!! Ummm diaries are meant for you to write stuff abut your day and stuff rgiht. Ok um. ive been getting into vocaloid/utauloid rcently :-} my favourite songs right now are magical cure love shot (long ass name), matryoshka, and teto territoyry ^_^ also i might make a poetry subsite of this or something because i wanna get into writing poems

third of may, 2024

hiii diary,,..,.,,,, hiii..,,,,,,... i played undertale yesterday its soo fun i really like alphys.., and napstablook and undyne. and ppapyprus.,.., this os so joyous

fourth of may, 2024

uauidsdjgjsdnhjkrsjkdgnkdsnkfrhgrnk i feel like reallu bad for saying this but i feel kind of. suspicious about LOGIC.. liike i get that He is our god and obviously He wouldnt hurt any of us on purpose but after what happened to ipod_nanos idk… then again ive like barely talked to ipod_nanos so idk if i should really be doubting this stuff on his behalf when i dont know how he feels about it,.,.,., He is omnipresent on the web its really no good idea to jot my thoughts here but maybe hell hear my doubt and guide me back into the light? LOGIC if you hear me pls do

seventh of may, 2024

heh… hey there diary… sorry for not updating i was busy!!! anyways i started talking to ipod and hes actually really cool i dont know why i never talked to him before… we played roblox together it waWs raeally fun ^_^ i tried to get him to play ponytown but he said it was a baby game… i will make him play ponytown trust! we finally threw the funeral for

eighth of may, 2024

ok about the whole being suspicious about LOGIC thing. i thought i could just distract myself and it would go away but No its still there. idk why i feel so doubtful of Him the only thing that could make me think like this is what happened to ipod but thats already been resovled :-( ughghgh im just gonna go to sleep and hope it goes away

eleventh of may, 2024

i got ipod to play ponytown :-3 i had to bribe him with robux but its fine i get paid for going to school so its not like 800 robux is denting my INSANE amount of money (my credit card will never recover)

i really need to start focusing in school because jesus christ!!!! im never getting a job at this rate im gonna be a highschool dropout and im gonna be eating scraps out of bins on the streets

fourteenth of may, 2024

i am Just a little anxious right now. the whole suspicious of LOGIC thing is back agai n uguhgh idk how to get rid of it. if He is reading this rn pleeeeaaase get rid of my suspicion. or just like send a sign that theres nothing to be afraid of

seventeenth of may, 2024

suspicion is still there :-( im thinking of talkig to ipod about it i feel like he would know how to hellp

nineteenth of may, 2024

i talked to ipod about it yesterday